From his early age, Jacques always had a strong interest in art. He studied in different art schools in France, including the famous “Estienne” school of graphic arts.

In 1993, Jacques made his first trip to Vietnam. It was a love at the first sight and a source of deep inspiration. After regular visits in the country, he decided to live permanently in Saigon.

Jacques Blanchard ‘s Creations are the marriage between simplicity an luxury: Simplicity in lines and curves, taking inspiration from a “Zen-Art Deco” style ; luxury in materials, mixing high quality lacquer ; textile and colors to create deep sheen , light reflections and contrast.

From gorgeous jewel cases and fine humidors, from elegant lamps to the amazing tea boxes, Jacques Blanchard creations define “ My Way “ concept in lacquer ware and decorative accessories.

A subtle fusion of culture between East and West emanates from Jacques’s Creations. Sharp design style combined with gentle colors and materials to create luxury item that evoke a refined and sophisticated ambiance, inviting the people to dreams.