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Ref: JLS8  Ref: JLS8

Rect. tray inlaid with mother of pearl on 2 handles

Ref: PES1  Ref: PES1

Small eggshell tray


Black & white lacquer tray

Ref: PL10  Ref: PL10

Lacquer tray, waterlily pattern

Ref: PL13  Ref: PL13

Oval tray, black lacquer

Ref: PL14.B  Ref: PL14.B

Curved black leather tray with handles

Ref: PL14.Br  Ref: PL14.Br

Curved brown leather tray with handles

Ref: PL15.B  Ref: PL15.B

Curved black leather tray

Ref: PL15.Br  Ref: PL15.Br

Curver brown leather tray

Ref: PL15S.B  Ref: PL15S.B

Curver black leather tray, small